Me, Marshall, and Cain got up early this morning and went to Rock Town on Pigeon Mountain. Cain’s new hobby is bouldering. I don’t  appreciate him choosing a hobby like this AT all. I think he’s an inconsiderate brat. ;)

I actually had a great time watching him. Can you imagine how strong your arms and legs have to be to do something like this? He climbed for quite a while today until his hands bled and he had no more energy. I stayed sick at my stomach until he was finished.  One thing that he’s going to have to work on is that he, like his ol’ Mom, is TERRIFIED of heights. Soooo….he climbs up the rock:

THEN me and his father spend 10 minutes trying to talk him down. :) LOL!


LOL, see the smile on Cain’s face? Marshall is trying to talk him into climbing down the tree. It didn’t happen. He finally came down the same way he went up–there in that crevice. Big chicken poo poo.

Lucy jumped out of Marshall’s arms on the trail and has injured her leg. I’ll be at the vet in the morning before he’s even open in the morning. I hate that it hurt her. :( She’s putting pressure on it. I hope it’s just sprained. I almost got physically ill when she jumped. I don’t know why she did it. Bless her heart.  :(

We got back home and Cain packed and headed back to school.  Brooke is on her way from Atlanta. I wish they’d both have been here this weekend. Oh well, maybe soon…


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