Happy Valentine’s Day

I took this picture when Kandi and I went to the TVA hickeydo the other day.  This is known as the Tennessee River Gorge. That little dot in the sky is a turkey vulture.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :) We’ve had a good one.

We got up this morning…well, I slept like a baby last night and woke up at 6 a.m. on the dot. I got on up and took my shower, got ready, then got Cain and Marshall up. We dropped Lucy off at the kennel and then headed to Chattanooga.

We had breakfast and then drove to three different stores looking for some rock-climbing shoes for Cain. We finally found some at Rock Creek Outfitters. They are SO ugly, but hopefully it will help him be a little more safe in this dangerous hobby he has taken up. Why can’t he do something simple, like birding, for example, like his ol’ Mom? I mean, the most dangerous thing in that is that you might get pooped on.

We headed back home, picked up the Goose, and dropped Cain off at the house. We were going to go to Fort Payne, Alabama to have supper, but Marshall changed his mind and we went to Chattanooga again. He surprised me by buying me a handheld GPS for Valentine’s Day! I LOVE it. We even searched for a Geocache at 9 p.m. tonight so I could make sure it works–and boy does it. :) Fun!

I slept so wonderfully last night. I hope tonight is the same. :)


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