“Ouch, Charlie! That REALLY HURT!”

Here’s my Goose resting by the living room window this afternoon. Obviously I haven’t groomed her (since Friday) and it shows. She feels awful and I believe you can see that she doesn’t. :( I’m certainly not going to bother her by trying to groom her when she’s in pain.

I got up early, took my shower and got ready. I was at the vet’s office before anyone else (even the vet and his staff) and jumped out of my car when other people started showing up so I’d be first in line. And I was. :) The vet felt around on her back legs and back for quite a while and said that nothing was broken and that she had a bad sprain. I was a bit shocked that he didn’t take an x-ray, but hey, he’s been doing this for a LONG time so I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about. He did say that sometimes sprains take longer to heal than fractures because she’ll feel better sooner, probably jump off something again (like my hubby!) and re-injure her leg.

She DOES feel really bad. There’s no barking or playing or goofing off like she normally does. No grabbing a piece of paper or a sock and then running all over the house with me chasing her to get it away from her. She just stays right beside me, resting, and of course that’s exactly what she needs to do. :( I’ll be glad when she’s well.  Poor little gal.

I’m sure y’all have all seen the “Charlie Bit Me” video. If not, you can see it by clicking HERE. The kids, Marshall, and I love the video. It’s adorable. Now, every time one of us get hurt in any shape or form we say, “Ouch, Charlie! That REALLY HURT!” That’s just how we roll. :) Just thought I’d share that with y’all.


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