We’re Goin’ To Jackson…

We got up really early this morning and drove the 7 hours (after stopping to eat breakfast) to Jackson, Mississippi. Cain is playing his last game of the season tomorrow.

We went by our old house here in Pearl, where we lived for seven years. The house looks exactly the same. The colors haven’t changed on the house –it looks exactly as we left it. I felt a teeny-tiny twinge of “what if” (we had stayed here), but that didn’t last long. I absolutely positively hated living down here. Hated it. Things HAVE changed though. The city of Pearl exploded into a major city. We were shocked to see so many restaurants, hotels, & shopping centers (even a Bass Pro Shop which delighted my hubby).

We met with our friends, Donna & David, and Mary & Eddie and checked out Bass Pro Shop. That place is HUGE. We got Cain a couple of birthday presents (since we won’t get to see him on his 20th birthday, which is Tuesday. We had supper at Lonestar and had a great evening.  We are staying at the Cabot Lodge here in Jackson and it’s a very nice hotel with a very nice king size bed. I have GOT to get a king size bed. It’s nice having all that extra room.

Later, gators.

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