Good Sunday Morning!

I’m sure I’ve shown a similar photo before, but this is a close-up from my “peppermint” azalea.  Isn’t it pretty?

I got up around 8 this morning after practically zero sleep.  I was still awake after 3 a.m. and was SO aggravated that I couldn’t sleep. Sir Snores A Lot did his part to make sure I stayed awake, too. ;)

I took Lucy outside and looked at all of the flowers on the bushes and at my irises that are blooming. So weird, but if you remember I told you that my daffodils hardly bloomed at all this year, but everything else is blooming in abundance. My azaleas all looked great this year, AND one of my rose bushes has more blooms on it than I’ve seen in the 9 years that we’ve lived here. It’s so odd, but I’m thankful for all of the blooms. :)

I love my early Sunday mornings. I love getting up before everyone else, going outside to look at the flowers, walking with Lucy, and then coming in and checking my mail. I love watching “Sunday Morning” on CBS. Then Captain Questions gets up.

Captain Questions is also known by another name: Captain Obvious. The Capt. asks questions like, “What are you doing?” when I’m obviously reading the Sunday paper. Then when I say, “I’m reading the paper,” Capt. Questions wants to know why. If I’m eating a bowl of Cheerios, which I’ve ate every morning for the 22 years we’ve been married, the Capt. says, “What are you eating?” Same questions, every morning. :)

He (the Capt.) will happily tell you that he lives with three morning grouches (well, only two now that Brooke is gone). We are grouchy when we first get up. I like to have my quiet before I start having conversations. I want to be left alone to do my thing for at least a good hour. I say that he will “happily” tell you that we’re grouchy because he absolutely DELIGHTS in aggravating the soup out of us during those precious morning hours. It makes me want to strangle him. It also endears me to him–but I’ll never tell HIM that.

So I started this post early and now it’s almost 11 and we’re trying to decide what we want to do today. Do we want to go exploring (which I think is where we’re leaning) or do we want to relax here at the house, where it seems like we haven’t been in a coon’s age.  I think the day is too pretty sit around the house so I’m hoping we go exploring. HOWEVER, if we don’t, that’s ok, too.  I love being at home. :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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One thought on “Good Sunday Morning!

  1. That was a super sweet touching post. Reminds me of early posts on my own blog. I love you. Thanks for listening always.

    Wanna get together and eat watermelon soon?

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