Battlefield Farmers Market

My hubby and I went to the Battlefield Farmers Market today and bought all kinds of yummy yum yums. We passed on these blackberries although I’m not sure why. They were HUGE.

We bought fresh blueberries, tomatoes, cube steak, silver queen corn, & peaches. I have a recipe I want to try with the blueberries so I’m pretty excited about that.

On the way home we stopped by a sporting goods store and my hubby bought me a handgun. Yes, a handgun. A .38 Special to be specific. The store owner and my hubby made me shoot it before we bought it. I didn’t like to shoot it. It feels weird. HOWEVER, I go out in the woods and whatnot quite often by myself so I’m actually glad to have the gun. He bought bullets that will just injure someone, and them bullets that could kill someone. Freaks me out, really. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, but I’m going to take classes so I’ll know how to use it if I have to. I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone that was trying to harm me. No doubt about that.


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