Chatty Crafty

Brooke and I had a fabulous day. I mean a FABULOUS day! We went to Chattanooga early for the Chatty Crafty art show and there were SO many cool things to look at. We really enjoyed the show very much. I’m glad we got there early because it got hot as heck out there.

After the show we had lunch at Cracker Barrel and then went through our hometown and on the mountain to my late grandparents house. My aunts, uncle, & father, had gone through all of the belongings, picked out what they wanted, and then the grandchildren were asked to go through to see if there was anything we wanted. I did get several things, just small things, nothing of any value, but things that remind me of my grandparents. My Dad also gave me their marriage certificate which I have always wanted. I was thrilled. :)

I had an amazing day with my daughter. I’m so happy that we are getting to spend so much time together before she moves away in November. Today was just wonderful. :)


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