Ho Hum

Isn’t red clover pretty?

So that book I was excited about reading that I talked about yesterday? “One Thousand Gifts”? Turns out that it may not be something I will enjoy after all. I read the first chapter, and I was totally taken with how this author writes. Her words are beautiful, and I admit that I was captivated (as sad as the first chapter is).  BUT, after reading a review of the book that a friend sent me, I guess it’s not for me. :( I’m going to read it anyway because I paid for it, but I’m so disappointed. The author apparently takes her relationship with God QUITE a bit further than I would EVER take it. Blah…

We watched “Battle: Los Angeles.”  That’s a couple of hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

This weekend is the Great American Backyard Campout.  Will you participate?  Doesn’t that sound so fun?  I’m sure you don’t have to be American to do it. Read about it by CLICKING HERE.


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