Today my  hubby got up early and met his Dad and then they went to Cain’s house to fish for a while. Afterwards they headed up to the mountain, picked up my hubby’s brother, and fished at one of the ponds up there. A REALLY bad storm came up my hubby, my FIL, & my BIL all had to run and hide in a ditch. Trees were blowing down everywhere around them and they were terrified. They were soaked to the bone, and pretty shaken up – especially my FIL – but luckily no-one was injured. There was quite a bit of damage on the mountain and lots of people are without power, including my in-laws. We don’t know if it was a tornado, but we do know that one hit nearby.

The photo shows a little bit of the damage in my SIL’s yard. There were lots of things blown all over the place. It didn’t get too bad here at our house, thank goodness.

I can do without all these tornadoes and horrible storms, thank you very much.

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