More Veggies

Brooke and I went and got a few more vegetable plants this morning before we went to the vet to pick up River. We bought two more tomato plants, a zucchini plant, a watermelon vine, and two different kinds of squash. We planted everything this evening. I sure hope everything produces.  It’s pretty exciting. :)

River did just great during her surgery yesterday (she was spayed). She slept beside me for most of the day on the couch. It seems strange to me that dogs (or animals in general) don’t get painkillers. I mean she had a total hysterectomy. I know how much pain I was in when I had mine, so wouldn’t it make sense to figure that an animal would be in some pretty bad pain, too?

Cain bought some burn cream in Florida called “Kool Down.” Brooke put it on my back for me this evening and boy howdy, does it feel good. It’s very cool, hence the name, I suppose, and has extra strength Lidocane in it for pain. It feels better than anything I’ve used.


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