Errand Day

Brooke and I wen and got groceries this morning, then came home, unloaded everything, & then took River and Humphrey to the vet for their booster shots.

River now weighs 33 lbs. and the vet said she looks fantastic. :) She weighed 23 lbs. when we got her so she’s coming along quite nicely.

When we got home we put some Cajun red beans & rice on to simmer. It was the first time I’ve ever made red beans and rice, and whew, the whole house is um, quite fragrant. :) Marshall and Cain loved it, but gag a mag, no way would I eat that nasty looking stuff.

I’m reading “One Man’s Wilderness,” about Richard Proenneke. Ever heard about him?  Google it.  His story comes on our public television station and I watch it EVERY single time it comes on. :) I can’t wait to get into this book.


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