Yay. I’m Sick. :(

This is one of the blooms on my knock-out rose bush. I didn’t know there were double blooms and single blooms, but now that I know, I’d rather have the double blooms. But still, pretty, right?

So I woke up this morning not able to breathe. I’m sick with whatever my hubby cakes had and I don’t appreciate it. I just got over a cold or allergies or whateverthisis not too long ago. Blah!

Despite my horrible sickness (*ahem*), Brooke and I went over to the blue hole and walked around for a bit. Now, we don’t have cicadas hatching here at my house, but boy howdy, those suckers are EVERYWHERE over there. I’ve never seen so many, and they were SO loud and making all kinds of creepy noises.  It was really creepy.

That’s all, folks. Have a good night. :)

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