Tomatoes! I have tomatoes.

As you may know, I planted a garden for the first time ever in my 42 years. Well, calling it a garden is reallllllllly stretching it. It’s more of a raised flower bed with a few vegetable plants thrown in here and there. But the vegetable plants are producing and that’s pretty doggone exciting. :) I’m getting peppers, too. The only thing that hasn’t bloomed yet is my cucumbers.

True story:  I’ve decided I don’t care who knows this: I. Love. Glee. LOVE it. Love.  Got it? Those kids can sing.  Sure, it’s just about as cheesy as you can get, but I love hearing them sing, and that’s that. Just thought I’d get that monkey off my back. It’s out now. I love it. Deal with it. :)

I spent the majority of the day out in my yard taking photos. Today was a good picture day, as just about every picture I took turned out quite nice. Yay!

My hubby cakes is sick with some sort of horrible cold. I swear, I think these colds just keep circling ’round and ’round. I don’t like it.


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