Happy Mother’s Day

This is the rocking chair that Cain got me for Mother’s Day. He stained it himself. Isn’t it beautiful?  Brooke got me a Pandora bracelet with three charms: a “B” charm, a “C” charm, & a butterfly charm. My sweet hubby got me that green padded seat for the rocking chair (even though I tried to convince him that I have my own NATURAL padding attached right to me). ;)  He also got me a beautiful birdbath. I’m so blessed. What a great Mother’s Day.

I hope yours was very special, too.

We had so much fun at the cookout yesterday. I wish that it wouldn’t have gone by so fast.  Seems like it always does. We love having everyone over. I just wish my family members would come, too. :(

Hubby and I went to one of our favorite spots here by the house and he did a little trout fishing while I took photos. I love being out in the woods or near all the streams we have nearby. We just had a great time. :) It was so relaxing.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

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