Yard Work

This is River, the rescued dog I told you about last week.  The time has passed for her previous owners to call and claim her – and I wouldn’t have really given her back to the animal abusers anyway – so now she’s mine, all mine.  She’s a Boxer mix and she’s the sweetest.  I’m crazy about her.

We have been busting our tails in the yard today. We are making a pathway from the back porch to the fence gates and we are exhausted. We’ve been mowing and picking up sticks and leaves and trying to get our yard all cleaned up. It’s starting to look great.

Brooke and I had planned to get to our hometown today to do volunteer work but now we won’t be able to go until tomorrow or Wednesday, but I AM going and I can’t wait to help out.  The tornadoes just devastated our little town. So sad. :(

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