The Brat Pack

Here’s the new Brat Pack: Lucy, Hopper, & Humphrey. :) They were all keeping their distance from River (the new pup). They’re just not too fond of her just yet. I’m pretty sure that will change.

I took River to the vet first thing this morning. I told him her story and he gave her lots of loving. She weighs 23 lbs.  He said she appears to be a mix of Catahoula Cur & Boxer. He doesn’t think she has any pit bull in her, and I was actually quite glad to hear that. She got two shots and some pills.  I think he believes she will be just fine. We’re going to let her belly settle down and let these meds do their job, then we will give her the first set of vaccinations next week. Anyway, I sure hope she pulls through, and if today was any indication of how she’s going to feel, then she will do fine. She has had a pretty good day.

Brooke passed her G.A.C.E., which means she can be a teacher. Yay! She’s so excited and we’re so happy for her. :) Congratulations, Scoot! ILYO&B!


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