Mean People Suck

Today Marshall and I went exploring.

We went to Collinsville, Alabama, to trade day.  We didn’t find anything we wanted (even though I spied an adorable little Shih Tzu puppy).

We took my Mom out to lunch and visited with her for a little bit, then went over to his parents house to get some tools we needed and visit with them for a bit. They weren’t home but we got to visit with his sister and her hubby.

We ended up in Tennessee, where, to make a long story short, we ended up rescuing one of two dogs that had been crated – one in a wooden box with no spaces for air except for a couple of inches of space in the front of the box, and another in a locked tent. Campers nearby told us that the people that owned the dogs had not been there in three or four days. We called the police dept. and they came and let the dogs out, and since they have no humane society the police officer let us take one of the dogs, while the campers that told us about the dogs took the other one. The dogs were so starved that they found a bag of flour (FLOUR!) and started eating it.  Pitiful!

We had supper with Marshall’s parents in our hometown, and then headed home with the puppy. She’s a mixed breed and was SO, SOOOOOOOOO happy to be with us.

The owners idiots have 7 days to call about the dogs, although I can’t imagine that they will since they are being charged with animal cruelty.

I really despise people who abuse animals. DESPISE them!

Hope your day was a good one.

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