A Fishing We Will Go…

Titan really wanted to jump in the creek, but the current was too strong in this spot AND the fishermen probably wouldn’t have been too happy with him splashing around and scaring all the trout away.

Brooke and Brenda (my MIL) abandoned me and went home! They don’t like camping.  I think the both of them might be broken.  Sure, we almost killed my MIL with smoke inhalation, and sure, we may have thrown a tarp on her that was bigger than my camper, but still…


I went fishing with the guys today. I mostly just slung my line out and reeled it back in.  I’m not a big sportsperson.  I HATE hurting animals. I wouldn’t even fish with a worm. I’d probably be thrown out of the south for saying such, but I just don’t like to do it.  I went anyway  though, because my hubby was excited about me going with him. I did go, but I just took photos of whatever caught my eye – which was pretty much everything in this place. :)

We are having such a great time.  I really don’t want to leave tomorrow. :(

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