Save the Date Pics

I went with my best buddy, Kandi, today while she did the “Save the Date” photos for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. She did an amazing job. Isn’t that photo adorable? So far, I’ve only seen seven of the 1,000+ photos that she took today. :) This one above is one of my favorites. It’s great having a superdeedooper amazing fantastic photographer as your best friend. :)

Prior to the shoot, I went over to Kandi’s house and finally got to see some of the 8 gazillion Cedar Waxwings she has over at her house. I got a lot of photos, but I’m not sure just yet if any are worth a darn. Those birds are skittish and you really have to be good to get a shot of one.

Kandi and I walked around her yard and she showed me all of the things that she has planted. I loved looking at everything that she had and just walking around. It was a very peaceful afternoon and was exactly what I needed.

Hope your day was a good one. :)

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