Garden Girl

This is the birdfeeder that Cain got for me for my birthday. I LOVE it!

Do my kids know me or what?

Today my buddy, Kandi, came over, and she, Marshall, & I worked on the garden. Kandi dug up the hostas that were never removed from under my porch when we built the deck onto the house. We transplanted those and still have plenty more to go.

The garden looks great. So far we have just two tomato plants, some sunflowers, rosemary, and parsley planted. I’m only going to plant two or three more kinds of veggies, and the rest of the garden will be reserved for flowers.

The kids, Marshall and I went to Chattanooga and had supper at Olive Garden since we didn’t get to go out on my birthday. We also picked up a print that we had taken to Hobby Lobby for framing. I had the lithograph of the boy picking apples framed. I bought that lithograph (from the 1940’s or ’50’s) at a yard sale for $3. It’s SO pretty and looks great in my dining room.

We worked hard today, and now we are relaxing and enjoying the rain that is moving in. Although, with the rain comes cold weather and I do NOT like that.

Have a good night!

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