Flip Flop Weather

My daughter Brooke took this picture of Lucy today. I just love it. Lucy loves looking for cows so she can bark at them and that is what she’s doing here.

Today was spectacular. I got up this morning and headed to the nail salon to get a pedicure so my toes would be pretty for this flip-flop weather we are having. :) Luckily, my birthday is on Sunday so the pedicure was a gift from my sweet hubby.

When I got home I went straight outside and enjoyed most of the afternoon in a lounge chair, or playing fetch with Titan. I just love that big ol’ goofy dog. He’s such a sweetheart.

My grandpa went through surgery fine. My aunt said he is resting fine. He will have to go to a skilled nursing facility after his hospital stay. Hopefully he’ll be back home soon.

When Marshall & Brooke got home we headed over to the Blue Hole to see what wildflowers are popping up. Unfortunately, the sun had already dipped behind the mountain so it was already getting dark there by the time we got there. :(

We still had a great time. :)

Hope your day was beautiful, too!

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