Loving This Weather!

Did you “Spring Forward” to the new time change? I’m a dork and love when it’s time to do this in the spring and fall. :)

We got up early this morning, thanked our buddies for such a wonderful supper and let them know how much we enjoyed seeing them, then we headed back home.

Cain stayed here and kept Lucy & Humphrey. Brooke ran a marathon in Atlanta (with her fiance’ & future sister-in-law) called “Shamrock & Roll,” so she wasn’t home this weekend either. Cain was still here when we got home and he visited with us for a few hours. That’s so rare these days & my hubby & I both enjoyed having him here very much.

The weather was spectacular again today. Mid-seventies and that warm, bright sunshine beaming down was great. I took a nap for a couple of hours & then visited with Brooke when she got home.

Still praying and thinking about those in Japan. Seems like this is going to get so much worse. :(

Good night.

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