Lazy Day

We drove over to our hometown this morning and had breakfast with Marshall’s parents, sister, and our niece. Brooke and I came on home afterwards so that I could get some chores done before the rain moves in tonight.

Yesterday Marshall and I burnt leaves that have been piled in the yard forever. We’ve raked up a million leaves, and used our leaf blower to blow a million more. We have lots of trees, and believe you me, I’m SO thankful for them, and I even love raking (I really do!) but I hate having big piles in my yard, and we had three huge ones that, for whatever reason, we just never raked to the ditch for the city to pick up. Glad to have them gone.

I haven’t done much of anything today, besides a few chores around the house. It’s yucky and cold outside. I’m SO ready for spring. :)

Later, gators.

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