A Canoeing We Will Go

This morning Brooke and I headed to the Chattanooga Nature Center and took a little canoe trip. I have to admit I was nervous because we haven’t canoed in quite some time. Granted, I’m an “expert,” what with how I canoed down the Buffalo River in Arkanas back when I was in high school, some 20+ years ago. ;) We did just fine and had a fantastic trip.

After our canoe trip we drove through the Reflection Riding portion of the nature center, then went to Cracker Barrel for lunch/supper (lunper?). We did a couple of chores and then picked up the brats (aka “Lucy” & “Humphrey”) from the kennel, where Lucy was groomed and Humphrey was just there to play.

We came home and watched Unstoppable, which kept my chest hurting the whole time. It was one of those “on the edge of your seat” movies. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Mostly because Chris Pine is easy on the eyes. :)

We also watched “Due Date” because I really wanted Marshall to see it.  He did not think it was as funny as I had told him it was, which is just so weird to me. Or maybe I AM just weird. ??

Have a good one. :)

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