Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

I saw this Great Egret near Folly Beach, SC. on that same trip that I mentioned yesterday.  I REALLY want to go back there.  We saw all kinds of amazing things on that trip.

It snowed last night – and it snowed quite a bit in just a couple of hours.  We had almost an inch on the ground in no time flat. Of course, it changed over to freezing rain and then rain so there’s not much snow left on the ground.

Today it has been raining ALL DAY LONG. And I mean all day long. I’m tired of the rain and the wind and the cold.  Well, actually, I don’t mind the rain so much but when you have two inside doggies that need to go outside to peepeepoopoo then the rain becomes a problem, especially if said dogs are mostly solid white. AND I’m babysitting my son’s Labrador so it’s triple the fun. ;)

I went and paid bills today and then when Brooke got home she and I had supper at one of the local restaurants. My hubby and son are out on a job and won’t be home until tomorrow. Girls night! Yay!

Later, gators!

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