Bread Makin’

Here is the fox squirrel that we saw yesterday.  I’m pretty sure he’s the same one we saw a year or two ago in the exact same area. He ran down the road just like the last one did before jumping in the tree. Isn’t he so pretty?

Today I made my very first loaf of bread EVER in the bread maker that Brooke bought me for Christmas. The bread turned out fantastic and was very yummy. I also used my KitchenAid mixer that my hubby got me, and that sucker is amazing. Some of my friend have commented that they have had their KitchenAid mixers for 10 years, 12 years, even 25 years! So for the price that it costs I guess it’s well worth the money.

I’m not ready for winter to be over by any means, but I’m really looking forward to spring just because I want to open all of my new windows. The newness of them still hasn’t worn off and I am thrilled every morning when I get up to see how absolutely beautiful they are. :)

Time for bed. G’night.

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