Ho Ho Ho Hum

The weather here, with the wind chill, is in the single digits. I have four dogs in my house right now.

I don’t WANT four dogs in my house, but our oldest dog (Hopper, who is just over 11 years old) is in here, and I’m babysitting my son’s 7-month old lab, so HE is in here, plus Lucy & Humphrey. There’s no way I’d leave Hopper out there.  I’m just sick thinking about all the dogs chained up and out there without any protection from this weather. :(

Keeping these dogs is exhausting. Titan is gigantic and he bounces around like a kangaroo.

Christmas is right around the corner.  I need time to S-L-O-W down! I haven’t watched all the Christmas movies I want to watch, and I haven’t listened to all the Christmas music I want to listen to! :(

Night, buddies!

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One thought on “Ho Ho Ho Hum

  1. I was thinking the same thing about all the dogs who are not well enough protected the other day in that weather. Quite a few in my neighborhood even. Makes me so mad. I open the crawl space door so that a neighborhood stray can go in and I have been putting food out in the front yard. I can’t bear to think of a stray/homeless animal freezing and hungry.

    I have also had alot of dogs in my house. We kept my daughters two dogs for two months. It felt more like two years. They slept with me and both wanted to be at the head of the bed. So did my dog. No need for a heater!

    Lst week there was an article in paper about two pit bulls found tied to a tree at an abandoned house. They had no shelter! No unfrozen water! Probably only had water because of the rain. And they were starved! If they ever find who did that they should be shot.

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