Pray For the Pets

Please remember to pray for the pets out there whose owners don’t have the sense to bring them in out of this horrible cold – or who don’t provide adequate warmth for them to stay outside.  I worry myself sick over stuff like this. :(

It’s been snowing like crazy today. Unfortunately it’s just hominy snow and it’s not laying – or at least it’s not at my house.

Later, tators.

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One thought on “Pray For the Pets

  1. I think we must be soul sisters! Last week I had to force myself not to think about because I was getting so stressed over it. But I do have something good to report about it. I was driving my grandson somewhere the other night and we were stuck in traffic on one of those very cold nights. So as gently as I could I explained how some people don’t take care of their animals the way they should so I asked him if he would remember to pray for the lost and neglected animals who are out in the cold. I asked him to please pray that God would send an angel to spread their wings over the animals and keep them warm. He said yes I’ll do that and then he said I will do it right now. So I heard him in the backseat praying in a whisper. It was not a short run of the mill get it over with prayer either. Oh boy was I a happy grandma. He is five years old.

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