Sick Young’un

Poor Titan is miserable. Cain is quite sick and has been asleep in my bed all day. Titan keeps taking him toys and doesn’t get much of a response. Poor buddy…

I am not sure what’s wrong with Cain. He’s running a fever, he is throwing up, he’s all stuffy. I sure hope he isn’t getting the flu.

We ordered a Christmas present for Marshall’s dad. We went in with his siblings and aunt for this gift and Fed-Ex delivered it on Saturday. I didn’t know this until I checked the tracking information online and Fed Ex said it had indeed been delivered. The gift wasn’t out there.

Long story short, someone stole the present. :( Fed Ex is checking with the driver to see if maybe he accidentally delivered it to the wrong house. Bass Pro said they would deliver again, or give us a refund. Of course we want the gift again. And I’m VERY upset to think that someone stole this from our porch.  There were literally no more than 20 minutes that no-one was home. So either someone walked by in 20 minutes and saw the package on the porch, or someone is following the Fed Ex guy and snatching packages. Either way, mean people suck. :(


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