Honey bunches went hunting this morning (blecch!) but didn’t stay gone too long. When he got home I was already all gussied up for our first (and maybe only) Christmas shopping trip of the season.

We went to the brand new Costco in our area. We, of course, had never been to one because there’s never been one around. I have to say that we were a bit freaked out when the first thing we saw after walking through the doors was an 84-inch TV with a price tag of $20,000.00 (yes, that’s twenty-thousand). I’m not sure if we’ve ever bought a car that cost that much money.

Thankfully, after walking through the ginormous warehouse for a while we did find some VERY nice bargains for our young’uns, and for my nephew for Christmas. Marshall also sampled so much of their wares (including organic carrot juice which he swigged, then grimaced, then professed that he never did like how dirt tasted) that he wasn’t much hungry for lunch. That was too bad though, because I was starving. :) We left there, and had a yummy lunch at Steak & Shake.

We stopped by and visited our youngest at his house. My hubby, who can’t keep a secret for anything, tried to tell Cain what we had bought for him. I had to threaten his life and then some. :)

I napped on the  couch when we got home and now I’m wide awake when I should be sleeping. I have a big day planned for tomorrow. :) That is, unless this crazy wind (gusts up to 25-mph) blows our home away.


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One thought on “Shopping

  1. We used to love fresh carrot juice. I think we drank a significant glass full of it a time or two a week. Didn’t want to overdo the Vitamin A, so that’s all we drank. Maybe I need to pull down the juicer again :D

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