I Love December!

It’s still raining. That’s fine with me though. :)

My laptop screen started working again. What on earth would cause that to happen? I mean it was dead. Dead. Nothing but blackness.

So do I let them repair it anyway or ???  Oh, and by the way, I got an automated call today from Dell saying the screen was on back order. Maybe I should go ahead and let them replace it since it’s still under warranty. Right?

I don’t think I have any readers left so I may just be talking to myself. So let me answer myself:

Me: Should I just let ’em go ahead?
Me: Well, it IS still under warranty.
Me: Yeah, but you have these really cool Life Is Good stickers on your cover.
Me: I know, but maybe we could carefully peel those off.
Me: Why don’t you just chat with Dell online & see what they recommend?
Me: Hey! Great idea! Man, you’re a smart girl.
Me: Thanks. :) Right back at’cha!

I’m welcome!



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