Screen Went Kaput :(

So tonight I was opening my somewhat new Dell laptop (got it in July) and the screen wouldn’t come on. At all. Nothing. The computer woke up fine, I could hear it’s whirs and it’s musical chimes to let me know that Windows 7 started perfectly.

Nothing on the screen except black.

:(  I called Dell and was told by the automated voice that my wait time would exceed 45-minutes so I turned on my desktop and opened their Chat support and got someone instantly.

The technician had me hook up another monitor to the laptop to make sure everything else besides the screen was working.  It worked fine hooked up to Marshall’s screen.

Dell is sending me a technician to replace my screen. He said I should receive the call to set up a repair time in 2-3 days. That’s like a lifetime as far as I’m concerned. :( I hope they hurry.

Brooke and I watched Elf.  I just love that movie. It’s possible that it has moved above “A Christmas Story” as my most favorite Christmas movie ever. :)


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2 thoughts on “Screen Went Kaput :(

  1. I had my keyboard stop functioning. I simply searched the issue on the internet and found out I had to pull turn it off, pull out the battery, unplug and then redo it all…rebooted and my keypad worked.

    The only time I had my screen go black like that was when I had a different hibernate setting than I do now….

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