What A Day

Today I haven’t felt very well AT ALL. Whatsoever. I was fine if I just stayed still, but got sick every time I moved at all. I’m not sure what was going on, because I felt fine this morning. I even got up and did some cleaning on the kitchen and living room. I sat outside on the deck in my super-comfy recliner and read magazines, watched my birds, took a few pictures, and then started feeling my belly getting all rumbly tumbly. :( It was not a pleasant afternoon/early evening.

My dog, Hopper, killed a Red-tailed Hawk right in front of me today. I don’t remember the last time I was so mad.  I had been outside for a good hour taking pictures of this hawk, who was displaying very odd behavior. I am trying to remember that to comfort myself about its death. :(

The first thing I saw was a dove taking off very quickly.  I thought it took off because Humphrey was heading towards it (he never saw the dove). Then, the next thing I knew was that a hawk was swooping down on Humphrey. It barely nicked him but then it landed in a tree beside my deck. It was a bit of a crash landing and it took a several seconds for him to gain his footing.

The hawk sat there for a long time, then flew to another tree, did several very small circles and almost landed on the deck where I was sitting, then finally crash landed again on another limb. To make a long story short, his antics caught the attention of my 11-year old terrier mix and she started barking her head off at him. I was was walking towards her fussing at her to get her to go on, and then the hawk took off again and landed on the side of the fence. Hopper (the terrier mix) jumped up and grabbed him and broke his neck before I could even take one more step towards her.  It was over in a blink of an eye.  Of course, I boohooed and fussed like crazy at her. BUT, maybe with all that odd behavior the hawk was doing, maybe she did him a favor. When I picked him up to move him he was so light. I wondered if maybe he was starving — seems like he should’ve been heavier than what he was. So I’m going to look at it that way, that she did him a favor instead of him dying a miserable death from starvation. There WAS something obviously wrong with him.  Anyway, broke my heart. Just broke it. :(

Poor little hawk. :(


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