Going To A Concert

I love looking out my new windows. :)  I’ll be so happy when the birds discover that I’ve put feeders back out on this side of the house. I had to take them down from this spot because of a certain orange kitty who kept trying to catch a bird. Unfortunately, that orange kitty has passed away, so I suppose all I’ll need to do now is watch out for neighborhood kitty cats. Anyway, LOVE the new windows. Love ’em!

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. Funny how something like new windows gives you a new outlook (figuratively and literally). There’s so much more light coming in that I want every part of my house to be sparkly pretty.  It’s NOT, but I want it to be. :)

I’m waiting on my buddy Kandi. We’re going to see Lady Antebellum and I’m really excited about it. :) I don’t listen to country much, but I DO love them. :)


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