So, I figured out what was wrong with Lucy (my Shih Tzu), thanks to help from Humphrey.

Humphrey kept sniffing Lucy’s face, and when we went out to “peepeepoopoo” our other dog, Hopper, also started sniffing Lucy’s face.  I had already pointed out to my hubby that Lucy kept licking and licking her face. I picked her up and she went this way and that trying to keep me from touching her face. I finally got her mouth open and looked at her teeth and sure enough, one of her bottom canine teeth was bleeding.  I took her back to the vet and he looked and said that her tooth had been knocked loose. We both missed that yesterday.

She and Humphrey run as hard as they can and slam into each other so I am assuming that’s how she did it, or she could’ve been fighting him for a toy…who knows. The vet gave me some antibiotics for her and she’s feeling much better.

I worked ALL day on my kitchen cleaning up the mess from the window installation. I also threw away old spices and medicines that I hadn’t checked in a while for some reason. I scrubbed counters and washed everything that had dust all over it from the remodeling. I still have a lot to do in there.  I also worked outside, cleaning up all the pieces of lumber and other debris. The porch was a mess so I cleaned it and I’m so sore now I can hardly move. :)

Being middle-aged is not so fun sometimes. :)

I thought about all the blessings God has given us this year. Well, every year, but this year we’ve really been able to do work around the house and I’m so happy about that. :)

Have a great night!

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