It’s Not A Tumah

The “bubble” on my eye got larger over night so my hubby insisted I go see a doctor. I went today and turns out there is a cyst on my eye. It’s disgusting, I tell you! I don’t have much white left on my eye. It’s all turning bright (blood) red.  My children won’t even look at me because they’re so grossed out, so I try to open my eyes really wide as often as possible when I’m around them so I can make them sick. That’s just the kind of mom I am. :) Anyway, the dr. gave me some meds and told me that everything should be fine in 10-14 days and if not, I’m to come back so we can figure out what’s wrong.

It’s colder than a frog’s butt outside. We even had snow flurries around the area – just not at my house. :( It’s going to get down to 29 tonight.  Me likey! The sky is the perfect winter sky. I’m a happy, happy gal.

Good night!

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