Happy (One Day Late) Birthday, Hopper!

“November’s sky is chill and drear,
November’s leaf is red and sear.”
–   Sir Walter Scott

Happy Birthday to our sweet Hopper, who turned 11 years old yesterday, on Halloween. She’s a good ol’ girl and even though she technically belongs to Cain, I believe she loves me most of all. :) I forgot to mention this yesterday, which makes me sad.

The guys worked hard on the windows again today. They got the front living room window and it took quite some time to install. Every time they put new ones in, I’m astonished at how much different everything looks. Love them (the windows AND their installers)! :)

Happy November! This is my daughter’s favorite month because her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. (What a weirdo, huh? I mean who doesn’t love Christmas most of all?!) I always cook Thanksgiving dinner and really look forward to it this year. This is also my son’s birthday month. He’ll turn TWENTY ONE on the 17th. Time flies and all that jazz. *sigh*


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