Tired Gal…

Frankenstein, minus his boots, greets the trick-or-treaters that came to my house tonight. :)

I am so tired. I got up early and went to Lowe’s to pick up things Marshall needed for the windows, and to look for curtains, and they actually had some quite lovely ones. I looked and looked before I made my decision, and found some perfect ones to hang up for the fall/Christmas season. :)

I came home and raked the yard, mowed the front yard, straightened the house, hung one set of curtains, and helped with the windows. And got fussed at because I didn’t know what tools my hubby needed sometimes. ;) Anyway, we got trim put on one window and Brooke painted what trim we added to another window.  We’re getting there…we’re getting there.

I’m exhausted.  Night!

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