This picture of Humphrey makes me laugh & laugh. :) He was carrying a stick but I don’t know if you can see that or not.

Today I just stayed home and cleaned. I’ve had a busy week so I enjoyed just staying home, playing with the dogs, catching up on some reading, and relaxing.

Marshall got home this afternoon and I sure was happy to see him. He was exhausted as he and his Dad had to help rescue a guy from the mountainside. The guy had fallen 30 feet from his tree stand and broke both legs, some ribs, possibly his hip, and I don’t remember what else. He was on the ground for over 16 hours until out of the ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY texts that he sent through, ONE finally made it out to his wife, who knew where to look for him. Anyway, he was airlifted to the hospital and we sure hope he’s doing okay.

Not much going on here today, just being a couple of lazy folks. :)

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