Social Butterflies

Rowan and Brooke are pretty butterflies, aren’t they? Rowan had Brooke put on a set of wings, too. They “flew” outside, and Rowan flew down the slide a few dozen times, too. :)

Today I worked on cleaning up the bedroom that had belonged to Cain. I have a lot of stuff I need to take to Goodwill. Cain and I moved my computer armoire into that room, and I set Marshall a computer up (Brooke’s old desktop that she doesn’t use) and THEN discovered that our new Comcast internet and phone services weren’t working. Grrr! I have to wait until tomorrow for a repairman to come out. I’m NOT a happy girl. BUT, I think we just need new wiring or a new cable modem. I know that when they get this glitch fixed that things will be great.  Their television channels are wonderful and look amazing in HD.

Tomorrow Brooke and I are going to the New Salem Mtn. Festival. I can’t wait. Unfortunately it’s going to be about 86 degrees which is just ridiculous if you ask me. :)

Later, tators!

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