New Doors

This is the area we were exploring yesterday. Wasn’t it a beautiful day?

This morning my FIL went and picked up our new front door and storm door. Cain met him here and they, along with Brooke’s boyfriend, Chad, worked all day getting them hung. Marshall helped when he got home from work and I’m telling you what, they look absolutely beautiful. :) They worked hard and did an amazing job.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but our house was built in 1946. I absolutely love it more than you could imagine. It needs work, and we’re doing it as we can. Since we pay for what we can, when we can, (instead of getting loans) it has taken us a LONG time to get things done.

Anyway, the windows should be here in a few weeks so they’ll be installed next. Then when we can save more money we will have central heat and air installed, then carpet, and then we’ll work on the basement. Now it might take us more than a year (or two, or three) to save enough for all that, but we’ll get it done. :) The point is, is that I just love this place and I’m so happy we’re getting things fixed up on it. :)


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