This is Chad, a little bit of hubby, and Brooke, at the entrance to one of the old Estelle mines here in our area. We didn’t go too far back in there, but I would like to explore it one day. We did a little exploring around the area, and boy, it’s just downright chilly out there. I love it. :)

This morning Marshall and I went to Lowe’s and picked out new windows, a new front door, and a new screen door for the house. Marshall’s dad will pick up the screen door and the regular door tomorrow because he and Cain are going to install them for us. The windows won’t be here for about three weeks. They had to be special ordered because Lowe’s didn’t have what we needed in stock. :( I can’t wait to get them. The house is SLOWLY but surely coming into shape. :)

I made potato soup for supper, but I got a late start on it and so the potatoes weren’t ready. :( So we went to O’Charley’s and ate, then we all visited with Cain for a little bit.

We’ve sure had a great weekend. Hope you have, too.

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