All Gone

Cute, huh? I love ’em.

It was just a tad bit warmer than what I’d like for a fall day today, but it was still a very nice day.

After I got all my chores finished I went outside and took pictures of the few butterflies and skippers that came to visit what flowers I have in my yard.

I noticed while I was outside that it was very quiet. Normally you can constantly hear the hummingbirds fighting and chasing one another.

They were gone.


I made sure to pay attention to see if they’d come around, and finally I did see one – for less than a minute – go to the feeder, get a drink, and then leave. They’re migrating southward and although this is my favorite time of year, I always hate when it’s time for the hummingbirds to move on. Of course I keep my feeders up so that all those migrating south can stop by and grab a drink. :(  I’ll miss them.


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