First Fall Festival

Brooke and I got up early and headed to the Rock Spring Show & Sell. The newspaper said it started at 8 but it didn’t really start until 9. They still let us (and others) walk through though. :)

I bought apples & mums, and some cute crafty things from my favorite elderly couple that bring their painted woodwork to the festival every year. Sadly the wife said that this may be their last year since her hubby’s health was declining. I sure hated to hear that. :(

Brooke and I had breakfast at IHOP, then went to Lowes to look at their flowers, then headed home. I dropped her off at the house, then met my buddy Kandi and we went back to Show & Sell. We weren’t there for 10 minutes. I had already bought everything I wanted and she unfortunately forgot her pocketbook.

We stopped by a couple more places on the way home, then went our separate ways. For some reason, as soon as I got to the house, I started shaking pretty bad and felt like if I didn’t get something to eat (even though I had had breakfasat) that I was going to pass out. I got extremely dizzy and it wasn’t much fun at all.  I slept the rest of the day away on the couch and I suppose that’s why I’m up now.

I feel yucky.

It’s ridiculous.

Oh, and it’s raining! Thank You, God!

Later, tators.

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