C’mon Get Happy

My hubby called me this morning and said, “I know you don’t feel good but you have to come and see this!” I had no idea what to expect so I loaded up my dogs, my camera, and my gallon-sized bucket of Kleenex and headed about 30 minutes from home. I’m glad I did, too, because what he had me come and see was this field of sunflowers. They were beautiful!

I’m feeling better today than I have, and hubby is feeling much better. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to 100-percent, too.

I rode over to Estelle (WMA) with my hubs and dropped him off to hunt (yuck!) while I traveled down the old road we were on and took pictures of butterflies.

I had a great day, and the weather…well, today was the first day it really felt like fall was beginning. It was wonderful.

Hope your weekend was great, too. :)

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