Almost Finished

Today has been a very, very busy day.

Marshall and I started the day by heading to Chattanooga, to Sam’s Club, to get a few groceries and supplies for his birthday cookout this weekend. When we got home his Dad was here and he helped paint the shutters and visited with Marshall for a while.

Cain and I took my queen size bed up to his new apartment and then he and I went and bought Marshall and I a new king size bed. Woo hoo! I’ve been wanting one forever and we got a really NICE (read: cheap) king set at Sam’s. It even has a memory foam pillowtop. :) I’m not sure why I’m still up and not sleeping on it right this moment. ;)

My house is a disaster. A real disaster.  I look forward to cleaning it up tomorrow.

I think.

I hope I still feel this way in the morning.

The guys just about have the house painted. There’s still little spots here and there, but for the most part it’s finished and it looks SO much better. :)


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