Here’s a bit of the gray skies we’ve been getting. I love days like this, of course.

This morning I went with Brooke to the Chickamauga Battlefield. She rode her bike:

I walked and took pictures of whatever caught my eye.  Brooke’s ride didn’t last long. She doesn’t feel too well but didn’t realize she felt as bad as she did until we got out in that sun. Her voice sounds all wonky and I’m guessing she got a cold from one of the kids in her classroom (where she’s student teaching).

I took about a 45-minute nap today. It probably would’ve been a longer nap had I not heard our oldest dog, Hopper, attacking Titan for getting into her food. Poor baby. He was fine and I hope he learned his lesson.

Speaking of Hopper, when Brooke and I got home from the Battlefield I noticed that my largest butterfly bush looked like it had been pruned on top. I took a closer look and discovered it was on its side: Hopper had dug it up. I ranted and raved and carried on and yelled at her and ranted and raved some more, and then hubby came out and helped me re-plant it. I sure hope that it survives. It’s about 7-feet tall and it gets all kinds of butterflies on it. I’m going to be SOOOOOOOOO mad if it dies. :(

Have a good night. :)

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