Trout Fishing

Today I rode along with hubby as he went trout fishing over near John’s Mountain. The WMA releases trout on the second Tuesday of every month so he thought he’d see if he had any luck. The only thing that bit was this crawdad, but hubby just stuck his line down to see if it would bite his Power Bait. It did. :)

I enjoyed being out by the stream for a couple of hours. I know I talk about it often, but the heat is just so horrible that you can’t enjoy yourself out there for too long. As soon as you walk outside you start sweating almost immediately and your hair becomes soaking wet, well, at least at the nape of your neck.  It’s gross, and it’s pointless to get ready and go anywhere (putting make up on, curling your hair, etc) because the humidity is horrible (and that’s an understatement). I’m SO ready for fall weather. I never was much of a fan of summer anyway.

Titan got his first boo boo last night. He apparently got on a nail or something under the porch and ripped his front left leg pretty good. It’s a very small wound, only about an inch long, but it was quite deep. He bled like a stuck pig. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop bleeding.  Cain took him to the vet and he gave us some antibiotics to give to Titan and said just to leave the wound uncovered so he can lick it and heal it.

Have a good night. :)

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