That’s a robber fly. Creepy, huh?

Today I met my buddy Kandi and we headed to Chattanooga for a girls day out. We first went to McKay Used Bookstore and I bought seven or eight really nice books for $11.  I love that store, but I need more bookcases.

From there we headed to the Rave to see Inception.  It cost $7.50 for a ticket, then we went in halfsies and bought a combo snack pack. We got two large drinks, one large popcorn, and one bag of candy in our combo and it was TWENTY TWO DOLLARS ($11 a piece, of course). TWENTY TWO!  I mean that’s ridiculous. We were starving and hadn’t thought to bring a snack.  :(

The moving was AMAZING. I was astounded at how good it was. It was so intense, however, that I left the theater with a headache. True story. :) If you go see it, better go to the bathroom first because you truly don’t want to miss a single minute of it.

We had supper at Lupi’s (pizza) and it was delicious, then we headed to Academy to get my sweet hubby a couple of birthday presents.

Had a great day with my best buddy. Hope your day was good, too. :)

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One thought on “Inception

  1. I thought Inception was great. This is the ONLY movie I have gone by myself to see…ever.
    Was glad not to have to share my thoughts with anyone…I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.

    …and the music was awesome!

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