I really have a lot of magazines and books that I want/need to read. I’m seriously enjoying “Empire of the Summer Moon,” but haven’t had a lot of time to read it lately. I hope to be finished with it by this weekend.

If anyone actually still reads my blog, what are you reading right now? What magazines do you like? My favorites are Birds & Blooms, Birds & Blooms Extra, Country, Country Extra, Southern Living, Popular Photography, & Outdoor Photographer. Tell me your favorites, please. :)


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3 thoughts on “Reading

  1. I read you Sweetie. I’m not always by everyday, but I catch up. Sometimes I even comment :)

    I don’t buy too many magazines (I’m cheap), but I’ve found them here and there for $5/year and that’s when I subscribe. I just ended a two-year subscription to Country Living at that price. Now I’ve subscribed to Better Homes & Gardens at that price. If I ever find Southern Living at that price, you can be certain I will subscribe to it.

    As for real interest…I like to buy magazines about hobbies I’m interested in. I’m developing an interest in art journaling.

  2. I am reading “Backstage with Julia” by Nancy Verde Barr. She was an assistant to Julia Child for 25 years. It is a neat read:)

    I also read books aloud to my girls and I love it. We just finished “Ramona the Brave” and I laughed more than they did.

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